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Two Thousand and Sixteen

Well we’ve all seen the “new year, new me”  statues on Facebook and yawned at how these people couldn’t be any more unoriginal, but maybe they are right? A new year is the perfect time to become a “new you” right? Wanting to better yourself is always a good thing and if you need to recycle the same status every year I say go for it! Reading these statuses and feeling that post Christmas weight only means one thing- its resolution time! With posting cringey quotes as only one of my motivational tips I have came up with a few more on how to achieve your resolution. Its 2016 and its time for you to become that “new you” you have been posting about since January 2010! Whether your resolution is losing weight, taking up a new hobby or you just want to better yourself as a person these five steps will help you set that goal and stick to it!

1. Write down your resolution.

Although this may seem extremely obvious writing down your resolution has to be the first step. As humans we are very visual and actually putting pen to paper will help you mentally to achieve your goal. Write down the reasons why this is your resolution and what your final goal is. Imagining what the outcome will be will motivate you.

 2. Be realistic and understand that it will take time.

In order for you to achieve your resolution you need to understand the length that it will take. You need to make lots of smaller realistic goals that will help you achieve your overall goal. Remind yourself that Rome wasn’t built in a day- you can’t lose a stone overnight or learn how to play the guitar in a week! Reaching smaller goals will boost your confidence and encourage you to keep going. If you are breaking a habit remember that it takes 28 days! Take it day by day.

3. Keep yourself motivated

This is the hard part! In order to achieve your goal you need to be consistent and stay motivated. Motivational quotes are key, I couldn’t recommend them enough! (Yes i’m that annoying girl who constantly posts them on instagram haha) but seriously they really do help. Stick them on your wall or save one as your wallpaper on your phone. Another key step to staying motivated is tracking your progress. Keep a notebook for this and track every day you go without having that cigarette or jot down all that exercise and that pound you’ve lost! If your resolution is to better yourself as a person or to learn a new hobby write down the compliment you gave to the woman who was wearing that top that you “now have to get” or how much practice you did in your new hobby. You would be surprised how recording even the little things will boost your mood and keep you motivated!

4. Replace your old habit with something good for you!

This step doesn’t apply to you if your resolution is to better yourself or learn a new hobby but if you are trying to lose weight or break a habit this step is key! When you are finding yourself reverting to the old habit or reaching for the biscuits stop yourself and get occupied with something else that is good for you. For example if you are trying to quit smoking practice meditation or deep breathing, or if that’s not your thing simply call a friend! It will take your mind off those cravings. This can be applied to food too, put down that chocolate and pick up the phone! (or better yet a piece of fruit!)

5. Remember that we are all human but don’t give up!

The final step is to not be too hard on yourself. We all slip up sometimes – we are only human. The key thing to remember is that if you do slip up it doesn’t mean that you have failed! Just because you had one cigarette or missed one guitar lesson doesn’t mean you should smoke the whole packet or never return to the class. Accept that you have slipped up and continue on the way you would have.

And the last thing to remember is… never give up!

Good luck, 2016 is the year for you!


” Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” – Carl Bard. 



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