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Is imagination dying?

Last week I sat on a train and noticed that the seventeen other people  on the same carriage as me were staring at their phone, each and every one of them. Aimlessly scrolling through Facebook, checking their Twitter feed or catching up on emails I guessed.  We live in a society where our phone is our third hand, we simply can’t live without them. We are all prisoners to the smart phone, they are seriously lowering our patience. We expect an answer from Google in the touch of a button, a reply from our friend within a minute and a movie from Netflix with just one click. The scarily decrease of our patience is not the only worry however. With the constant use of phones when there is nothing else to do the question has to be asked: Is imagination dying?

Day dreaming is the beginning of any artists journey, ideas have to be explored in the mind before pen hits paper. All the best pieces of work arose from day dreaming: Bohemian Rhapsody, Harry Potter, The Mona Lisa you name it! The idea had to come from somewhere. Not only is day dreaming important for the creation of art forms but it is crucial for our health and well being. Day dreaming is extremely therapeutic, it is a healthy form of escape.

When I was in school I found it extremely hard to concentrate, I was in a constant state of dreaming! While this isn’t good either and participation in class is extremely important I can’t help but worry about the massive impact technology has on not only children but all of us. Before smart phones when people were on a train, queuing at the shops, waiting for a friend they thought about things, they imagined things, they day dreamed! Now what do we do? We check Facebook, we watch a vine or we take a snap chat! When we have nothing else to do we automatically take out our phones. With the lack of day dreaming taking place imagination has to be dying. In this fast paced society where technology is taking over our minds how are we going to have a future of talented writers, painters, scientists?

Last week as I looked at these seventeen people on their phones I was doing something that I didn’t even realize I was doing: I was daydreaming. I was thinking about all the things that I have just said. I imagined about writing a blog post about this tiny observation that I made. Day dreaming isn’t hard, it is something that comes naturally and all you have to do is put down that phone! Next time you are on a train or waiting on a friend don’t pick up your phone just relax and let your mind do the dreaming. And who knows maybe you’ll be the next J.K Rowling!

“Logic will get you from A to Z. Imagination will get you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein


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