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Grey is the new black |& Blonde

I am seriously loving grey at the moment and in the past year it has definitely taken the fashion world by storm! Who would have guessed a few years ago that people would be voluntarily dying their hair grey? I think the grey hair trend is gorgeous and looks anything but granny-ish! Celebrities like Jade from Little Mix, Rihanna, Kate Moss and Kylie Jenner have all experimented with the look:



I would kill to hop on the trend but with brunette hair it is almost impossible to do without spending a fortune in the hairdressers- I haven’t seen any boots supplying ‘grey’ hair dye, but hey who knows maybe its on its way!

Instead of dying my hair I have decided to incorporate more grey items into my wardrobe. I think grey is gorgeous and it is still a really easy and neutral colour that you can pair with anything- a great alternative to black! Here is some grey inspo that i’m dying to get my hands on!


all from:

image1 (1)

all from:

River Island and Boohoo are two of my favourtie places to order clothes. I have ordered online from both of them on numerous occasions and have never had a problem with either. They have so much good stock at the moment.

Happy Shopping!




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