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My top 5 Favourite Artists.

Music is the number one thing that helps me unwind. Unlike watching a film or binging on a series on Netflix it does not turn off your brain but ignites it. Now I’m not talking about the kind of music you dance to with the girls and a few drinks but the type of music you unwind to while laying in bed with a cuppa tea. Similar to reading a book, music makes me think, it inspires me.

I am currently sitting on a bus listening to music and just felt like writing a blog post about it. I wouldn’t call myself a particularly musical person however I cannot travel anywhere without my earphones and I am currently struggling away at learning the guitar! I thought I would share with you all my top 5 favourite artists. I like a lot of different types of music and am open to listening to anything new so please leave a comment of any artist(s) that you think I should check out!

1) Bombay Bicycle Club

I love Bombay Bicycle Club, I only really discovered them last year and they quickly became one of my favourite bands. They are an English Indie/Rock band that have also experimented  with different genres including folk & electronica, but their sound is just so unique that I can’t really describe it. My favourite song by them is ‘Always like this’.


2) The Coronas

The Coronas are the type of band that anyone will love regardless of age or music preference, they are so universal! I may be biased because I’m Irish but they never fail to disappoint, their music is nice and it’s such easy listening. They have also translated a few of their songs into the Irish language which gives them a huge thumbs up in my book as a Gaeilgóir. ( I have seen them live twice and they have been amazing both times! Such crowd pleasers)

The Coronas - November 2010. Photo: Dara Munnis
The Coronas – November 2010. Photo: Dara Munnis

3) Marina and the Diamonds

Although I am not a huge fan of her new album ‘FROOT’ I love her old stuff. If you like quirky indie pop you will definitely love her. Not only is her music incredibly upbeat and cheerful but the lyrics will definitely relate to you if you’re a teen or girl in her 20’s.


4) Foster the People

Well known for their song ‘Pumped up Kicks’ released in 2010 Foster the People are just so good, I love their sound. If you’re into music videos as well they have some really good ones. If you like Indie Pop you need to check out more than just their well-known songs, ‘Waste’ and ‘I would do anything for you’ are my favourites.


5) Disclosure

Ok steering away from Indie Pop/Rock here! haha Disclosures music is one of few electronic music that I love to listen to. Whether you’re going out or just chilling they have both upbeat and chilled songs. One of my favourite songs was produced by them featuring Sam Smith- ‘Latch’ it is just sooo good!


Hope I have given some of you inspiration for your spotify account! I am off on my holidays in a week and need some new music to listen to while I’m there so please leave some suggestions below!





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