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The Best Workout songs.

So I have finally gotten back into the gym and what keeps me going is having the right music. I find it so much easier to work out and keep going when I have some good fast-paced motivational tunes. After starting college over a year and half ago I’ve put on weight and I’ve finally got determined enough to make a change, so hopefully I will lose the weight and tone up in time for summer. I didn’t intend for this to be a weight loss or fitness blog but I am a fanatic for reading about fitness and lifestyle changes so I may do another post or two on tips that I have if anyone would actually read it. Anyway I am rambling a bit so here are 11 of my favourite workout songs to get you sweating and your heart racing!

1. Chameleon- Pnau :

This song is just soooo happy and upbeat. I don’t think anyone could listen to this and not feel good and want to dance! It is a perfect work out song and gets you extremely pumped.

2. Heads Will Roll- A-Trak Remix:

Again, its upbeat, it will get you going!

3. Children- Justin Bieber:

Not a huge fan of JB but this is my favourite. This song is so catchy. I usually listen to this when either on the treadmill/ cross trainer and when the beat drops increase your speed dramatically! Works a wonder for interval training.

4. Until the End – Aero Chord:

Again really good for interval training it has a great beat and you can’t help but increase your speed when it drops!

5. Work Bitch- Britney Spears:

Along with having a great beat its the lyrics in this song which really motivate me! “Work it hard like its your profession!”. 

6. Calling (Lose My Mind) : Sebastian Ingrosso:

One of my all time favourites it just gets you so pumped!

7. Boss- Disclosure:

I listen to all of disclosures songs when I’m working out the majority of their stuff is suitable, however, this is my favourite at the moment!

8. You Are My Summer- Latch:

This song is great it just gets me pumped for summer and reminds me of how much I want that summer bod! haha

9. Waiting- Oliver Heldens:

Fast beat, gets you pumped- all you need!

10. Intoxicated- Martin Solveig:

This song cannot fail in putting me in a good mood and making me want to dance. Even though its not the fastest it always gets me moving.

11. Boom – Major Lazer:

I just loooove this song you have to check it out if you don’t already know it! The beat is too good for making you move faster.

When working out listen to things that will put you in the best mood possible! I like listening to songs which remind me of good times (which a lot of these do) to keep my mood up and to feel as good and motivated as possible!

Iv’e linked this exact playlist below (with a few extras) so check it out! I’m obsessed with spotify at the moment it is just so handy. Let me know what workout songs you all listen to or leave your spotify playlists below!

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