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What I’m packing for 3 months in a hot Country!

In two days I will be on a plane setting of to the sunny island of Tenerife for the whole summer. I am so excited and starting to pack is really making it seem real! I am notorious for over-packing and because I am going for such a long time I’m not gonna lie I really struggled to whittle it down. However, because I am going for just over 3 months there is still a lot of stuff I need to bring. I just thought i’d share some of what I’m bringing and share with you all my must haves for a summer holiday! I also include some tips and tricks which I hope you find helpful.

What I’m bringing:

First of all I’m bringing two suitcases- a small carry on and a bigger one that I’m checking  in. Usually when I go away for just a week or so I only bring one to check in but because I am basically moving there for a while I’m trying to bring as much as I can (to an extent!)

If you are doing this too I recommend not using the small case just for shoes, make up etc. but actually put the most important/essential things in it and also include 2/3 outfits and pyjamas. This way if anything happened to your checked in luggage you would have this with you!

Another absolute life saver is getting a suitcase with 4 wheels. I got this red one from Super Value a few years ago and it it so good and handy. Its super light weight and believe me the 4 wheels make such a difference! Especially when you have 2 suitcases you can wheel one while pushing the other.


I’m bringing quite a lot of shorts but I will be living in these!

Bikinis & Swimsuits:

Can’t go on a sun holiday without a trusty bikini or two! These are all from Penneys except for the colourful on piece which is from River Island!


A few going out tops to throw with shorts and sandals and a few t-shirts for during the day and you’re sorted! I got these plain pink and black basics in Bershka- they are so handy for holidays!


I’m only bringing a few dresses as I plan on mainly wearing shorts for going out when I’m over there- the clubs and pubs are a lot more casual over there.

Kimonos/ Cover ups:

I am bringing so many of these because I just think they are so handy. They can be dressed up or dressed down and make any outfit look great! These are 2 of my favourites.

Workout clothes:

Because I am going for so long I will have to (unfortunately) still make sure to get exercise in!



Apart from my white converse and runners, I am going to live in these slides from Penneys! They are so nice and will just be so handy, especially the black ones!

Here’s a cute little check list I found to make sure you don’t forget anything on a sun holiday!


Happy Holidaying!


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