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Social Media Obsessed: Are we even living in ‘reality’ anymore?

Every morning I aimlessly scroll through Instagram. I look at girls with ‘perfect’ bodies, hair, skin as they sit on a beach sipping a pina colada. My day hasn’t even started yet and already I’m thinking :”Why can’t my life be like theirs?

It’s Friday night and I’m at a concert, having a great time, and my favourite song and the most well-known song by the artist comes on. I take out my phone and begin to record it. In my mind I’m thinking “will I put this on my Instagram story or my snapchat?“. Before I realise it my favourite song has finished and I’ve witnessed it through a 5 inch screen. The video goes up on my snapchat and I remind myself to save it the next day. I forget to, of course, and the video deletes after 24 hours.

I realise that I’m not even recording things as memories for myself anymore. I’m just showing off to whoever’s ‘lucky’ enough to catch me having ‘such a great time’ in those 24 hours.

My 21st birthday rolls around. In Ireland it’s probably the biggest birthday you’ll ever have. I’m so excited as I go to get my make-up and hair done to go celebrate that night. However, all day I check my phone: “How many people have written Happy Birthday on my wall now?”. I get dozens of really nice direct messages with long meaningful wishes- so why do I care more about that person I met twice who posts “Happy Birthday :)” on my wall?

Because “if no one sees it ,it doesn’t matter ,right?”

I hate admitting that I do these things and have these thoughts because I know that they’re ridiculous and sound oh. so. vain. But, I know that almost everyone else on social media does/has these thought too. Especially my generation.

So I wonder, are we even living for ourselves anymore?

We all just live in this society where we want constant recognition. We are all screaming for attention in a world where everyone wants to be ‘followed’ and not be the ‘follower’. We measure how worthy our lives are by how many people ‘like’ it.

Are we all so insecure that we are letting likes define us?

Are we all so obsessed with how others view our lives that we are not even living them for ourselves?

Are we all so caught up in social media that we cannot even define what “reality” is anymore? 

I can’t help but think that we would all be so much better off without social media. I honestly think it is one of the most detrimental things for our mental health. I would love to shut down all my accounts and live life for myself and stop constantly trying to impress ‘followers’ that are nothing but a username behind a screen.

But I can’t……

Social media IS  my generation. No one asks “Are you on Facebook?” anymore, they ask “What’s your name on Facebook?”. As sad as it sounds I honestly cannot imagine my life without social media.

Without social media I wouldn’t be here writing this. Without social media you wouldn’t be reading this (you clicked on this from either Facebook or Instagram- am I right?)

So my question is…… what do we do?

Because frankly, I don’t have an answer.




(and for the most ironic part about this post……)

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2 thoughts on “Social Media Obsessed: Are we even living in ‘reality’ anymore?

  1. Loved this post! I recently wrote a post myself on how I montior my social media use so that it doesn’t have a negative impact on me like it could or has in the past. I believe it’s important that we learn how to live alongside it and use it in a more positive light because it isn’t going to leave us anytime soon.


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