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Irish ‘Influencers’ have a platform to help Irelands mental health crisis; but they’re not.

A couple of months ago I was watching a vlog by Shani Grimmond. She is an Australian beauty Youtuber with over 1 million subscribers to her Youtube channel alone.

Shani recently had a boob job and she made a video on Youtube about it. She looked amazing (but she looked just as amazing before it). She stated in the video that in no way shape or form was she promoting plastic surgery. But,of course she was. She was inadvertently promoting it.

I have never in my life thought about plastic surgery but in those ten minutes of her video I sure did. However, I quickly snapped out of it afterwards and realised how brainwashing the whole blogger community can be. I am not saying she shouldn’t have shared the news with her followers but in this online world where lip-fillers is the new lipgloss, boob jobs are more common than a push up bra and photo-shopping is the new norm; how in gods-name are us ‘ordinary’ girls supposed to feel good about ourselves?

Bloggers/ Influencers need to realise that they have a duty. By photo-shopping they are inadvertently promoting that this is how a body should be. By photo-shopping they are telling their audience that their body is not good enough and that it needs to be altered. By photo-shopping they are telling young girls that their body needs to be a certain way for them to be beautiful.

An Instagram page recently created called ‘bullshitcallerouter’ started posting pictures of Irish bloggers/Influencers calling them out for photo-shopping their pictures etc. Many bloggers were disgusted and started to call the page out for bullying. This page literally said nothing abusive about the bloggers. It just called them out for not being transparent with their followers.

After this, many bloggers stood up for those named saying that “everyone edits their photos on Instagram”.

HELLO?! Do they think we are stupid? Of course we know that everyone edits their photos on Instagram! It is literally the first step you are shown when uploading a photo.

We are not complaining about bloggers changing the lighting or contrast of their photo. No one cares about that. What we do care about and what we are disgusted about is that these ‘influencers’ are making their waists smaller, their boobs bigger and their jaw line flawless.

They are adding to women and young girls feeling terrible about themselves. Not only this but they are falsely advertising. Not only can we not look like them (because they don’t even look like them) but we can waste our hard-earned money doing so, yay!

I am sick to death of seeing posts upon posts of influencers posting pictures of protein shakes, ‘skinny’ teas and whatever other ridiculous stuff is being sold because they have photo-shopped a picture of themselves with a six pack.

I am sick to death of seeing these ‘influencers’ rave on and on about mental health but not doing anything to help prevent it. Yes, it is great that they are talking about it and helping people living with it but why don’t they help PREVENT it? They need to stop setting extremely unrealistic standards for young girls that follow them and maybe we might see a change in the numbers and numbers of girls and women with body issues.

Before, we all used to look at women in magazines and wished we look like them. But, they were celebrities they weren’t ‘normal’ people. Now, these influencers brand themselves as ‘ordinary’ people and that is widely what we see them as.

So, see where the problem is when even these ‘ordinary’ people use photo-shop?




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